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The district of Horizontes of the Municipality of Sopetran, was chosen as a parish with the name of Horizontes on March 26, 1953 by Monsignor Builes, who gave him the name he carries today; its previous name was the "la chapa", denomination that was given because of the pink cheeks of its inhabitants. It is located in the northwestern sector of the department of Antioquia between the Cauca River and the western Slope of the Cordillera Central, being a watershed for the upper part of the micro-basins of the Juanjue and Nuarque streams. The head of the district is at 2,150 meters above sea level, although in its lanes the temperature varies since this area varies its climate quickly because of its steep slopes. It is in the very humid low montane forest life zone, with a bio temperature forms 12ºc to 17 ºC and an annual average rainfall of 1900 mm/year according to data taken at the El Gómez station (Statistical Yearbook of Antioquia 1991).

Horizontes - Sopetrán
Horizontes - Sopetrán Horizontes - Sopetrán

Tourist Inns

It is a tourist product led by Adrián Vahos and his sister Laura Vahos, that guarantees the positioning of Horizontes as a tourist destination. It is developed through inns which started a process of training in culinary and rural accommodation by the Seine. It has also been developed by some families. Besides the main house is the inn the Sebatyana, which is the visible face of this project, but that shares accommodation with others such as Mira Marín, Marta Castrillón, Libia Correa, Nubia Uribe among others . The tourist positioning has been notorious because of the increase of national and foreign visitors during 2018 and 2019.

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Horizontes - Sopetrán - Antioquia
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