Horizontes - Sopetrán Horizontes - Sopetrán


Horizontes - Sopetrán

Chris - 07 March 2017

Horizontes – a spectacular homestay experience in Antioquia

A homestay is an increasingly popular way for travellers to get a truly local and authentic experience during their travels – basically it involves staying at someone’s house rather than in a hotel or hostel. There are good and bad homestays (some just feel awkward: as if, understandably, your money is more welcome than you are), but homestay accommodation is lacking in Colombian tourism in general, which is surprising given the famously friendly and welcoming reputation of Colombians. Luckily the delightful and thoroughly off-the-beaten-track village of Horizontes in Antioquia has cottoned onto the concept of the homestay and is now offering just about the best homestay and community tourism experience in Colombia.

Horizontes - Sopetrán

Luke Jacobs - 16 July 2019

Hi my name is Luke Jacobs

I am from California in the United States

I have been in Medellin Colombia for 2 months. I have been getting to know the city but up until now I havent been out to explore other areas. I looked on the internet for different places and I found Horizontes... I made a reservation and I started a beautiful trip.

Upon arriving everything was fabulous; the people, the gastronomy, the tranquility of the town, it all felt authentic. I loved it.

Horizontes - Sopetrán - Antioquia
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