Horizontes - Sopetrán Horizontes - Sopetrán

Tourist Inns

Awarded with a national tourism award, the EXEMPLARY COLOMBIAN mention in Institutional Tourism 2017.

The inns and rural accommodations have become an excellent alternative for those who want contact with nature, with the traditions and authenticity of the inhabitants. The experience is to be lived in the farms or houses of the peasants.

Horizontes tourist inns

An excellent example of rural tourism is lived in the Horizontes district, municipality of Sopetran. This beautiful district is 75 km from the city of Medellín, 2,250 meters closer to the sky and the stars, with a natural decoration of peasant houses, very clean and colorful, with exceptional inhabitants that have the characteristic of kindness, warmth and good treatment to their visitors.

Above its roofs and green fields rests the moon, through its natural balcony you can see the Cauca river and its entire majestic valley. This makes it an astronomical viewpoint of the sky and a natural viewpoint of the Cauca slope.

Horizontes - Sopetrán

The moon is to be lived in the Horizontes

This is the magical night where music, good wine and the experience of western Antioquia conspire in favor of the well-being, tranquility and comfort that nature and peasant inns provide.

The details of the experiences to be lived during the two days of stay.


Horizontes - Sopetrán - Antioquia
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