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Horizons is built

by seven paths with the following heights::

The parish of horizons has 1,060 inhabitants distributed like this.



Altitude MSNM




Loma del Medio



Los Aguacates












Mote Perdido



Santa Bárbara



Horizontes - Sopetrán

And lastly Santa Barbara, which more than 12 years ago ceased to be a village to become a municipality but is still served in the spiritual part by the parish of Horizons.

The upper parts receive more directly the influences of the highlands of Belmira, while the lower areas receive influence of the currents of the Cauca river, this river creates the climatic and productive biodiversity of the area.

Altitudinally, the village is located in the very humid low mountain forest. There, primary vegetation has been replaced by large-scale grazing and coffee cultivation, making it the richest area in Sopetrán. The primary vegetation is conserved only in forest residues in the deep and inaccessible parts of the surrounding micro-basins and in the upper part of the reserve zone of the springs of the main watersheds


The soils of the region of Horizontes are classified as mountain range soils. They are soils with a medium-humid and very humid climate, without volcanic ash cover in a broken relief, slightly evolved and deep until they are almost superficial, desaturated. They present good drainage and are easily eroded. (Cortés, 1982).

Livestock and coffee are common in most places. The soil is badly treated with inadequate agricultural practices that begin from the moment of opening a paddock, burning it and dedicating it to the cultivation of coffee and banana or to the cattle ranch.


There are few studies involving geo-environmental concepts for the township of Horizons, but we will rely on the geology of the area. The most important studies from the cartographic point of view are the Grosse (1926) and Mejía et (1983). Each of them maps the area and defines the main lithological and structural units. Seismic activity for northwestern Colombia proposes a regional classification of landslide threat.

In order to understand the geological environment of the local level, we refer to the studies of the nearest region, which in this case have been carried out in the north of Sopetràn, by Jaramillo and Monsalve (1989), who study the structures and petrography of this area finding the following.

The village of Horizontes is crossed by two geological faults, among them the Romeral fault and the Carmen fault, the places where it is crossed are by the lower part of the village, it goes up and crosses by the Huber Alvarez estate, on the other hand the fault crosses by the lands of the late Javier Olarte and by the Los Vahos estate, with evidence of this fault in the constant sinking of the road.

Let’s take a look at history

There are no exact data on the foundation of Horizontes. What is known is that this site was a transit point from Belmira to Antioquia, to go to pay their tributes or taxes, which was previously done in gold. The first house was built next to where the virgin is located today, where a royal road passed through, little by little some houses arose among tobacco bushes, fig trees that were native to this site, with wide roads, which later became streets.

More than 50 years ago, Horizontes was a development center, it had its power plant, its own electric power, with a small plant or Pelton wheel that was in the Nuarque basin, in the same way it had a very well-endowed Health Center Well, which was assisted by the hospital in Belmira, had a ward nurse who attended births, healing processes, emergencies and made promotion and prevention programs. The district had five ice cream parlors in which tropical music was danced, roosters were played and from time to time a fight to machete. Further there were four coffee shoppers, three butchers, impossible to forget that of Quico Mùnera and Gildo Marìn, five stores and two stores, the Pascual's one must be mentioned, where you could buy the crockery for the house, cuts and toys for children.

A small kiosk was located in the center of the park. From there all the festivities were animated, especially the religious ones, the altar of San Isidro was famous, people from different Municipalities Entrerrios, Olaya, Belmira, Entrerrios and Liborina came, the cookies, horse racing and dice games were a must. The Horizontes not only was commercialized, but also the agricultural production of that time was commercialized coffee.

Horizontes was previously called "La Chapa", since all its inhabitants had pink cheeks, burned by the wind, hence the name, later Monsignor Builes baptized him with the name it currently has. Before, it had a police or inspection post that served as a notary, there was a prison and the police were from the same community such as Daniel Echeverri, José Álvarez and Jesús Echeverri, who always stood out for his spirit of leader and founded the Health post and school with the support of the Federation of coffee.

The chapel was started and finished thanks to the parish priest Luis Eduardo Flórez and the civil works support of Javier Molina. The beginning of the school and the library collapsed due to lack of care. The cemetery and the priest house were also initiated by Father Flores and later remodeled and finished by Father Gabriel Álvarez Taborda.


José María Villa, was born in the district of Horizontes of the municipality of Sopetran (Antioquia), Chachafruto village, on 22 October 1850, son of Sinforiano Villa Vergara and Antonina Villa Leal, died in Medellín on 3 December 1913. He studied at the Institute of Technology in New Jersey, United States.

It was immortalized by the construction of the legendary West Bridge, on the Cauca, considered one of the largest of its kind at that time. Engineer Villa revolutionized its construction as he framed its construction with wood, something never seen before in the dimension of a bridge like this, the bridge is located in the area of the municipalities of Santa Fe de Antioquia and Olaya.

He participated, among others, in the process of design and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, over the East River in New York. Iglesias Bridge (Fredonia), Pescadero, La Pintada and Puente Navarro in the municipality of Honda (department of Tolima).

José María Villa, with his rational personality, his great bearing, his taste for music and simple life, is considered one of the brightest minds in Colombia.

Population data

For horizons there are no statistical data, the information on the population is had by studies of CORPORIZONTES and by students of the SAT of Horizons.

Year No. of inhabitants Mens Women 0-12 years 13-24 years 25-49 years 50-100 years
1996 320 145 175 45 119 100 56
2000 291 136 155 40 73 92 46
2007 201 97 104 34 46 72 49
2011 290
2018 142

At the moment the town has 110 houses, of which 32 are empty, but not available, of equal way in a great number of them lives only a grandfather or grandmother situation that reduces much the population; given that they are house of horizons that live in the city or other municipalities and wish to have a place to arrive. In the same way, the population has been drastically reduced due to the lack of employment, that is to say, agricultural practices are no longer the labor motivation of today's young people, so they look for other labor alternatives in other places, affecting in this way the growth of the population.

Community organizations

Group of the Third Age: A family of senior citizens including Alba Lucy, Elvia Luy and Gloria Zapata formed an exercise group in which elderly people can gather and work out. Rosalia Gonzalez later assumed leadership of the group. This group is still going and is sporadically attented by the district administration.

Parish Council: It has always existed, was consolidated by Father Gabriel Alvarez and continues to this day, with some variations due to the leadership of the priests themselves.

Corporación CIER: Corporación para la Investigación y el Ecodesarrollo Regional began with its presence in Horizontes in June 2005 with a SAT group made up of 23 people, the teacher was Sandra Mesa, it was finished due to a lack of students.

CORPORIZONTES: Was founded in 1995 with the help of professor Gladimira who heads the meetings and orientations. They get together on the first Sunday of each month. Here they discuss women's rights, recycling, and they have gotten coffee grinding machines for each one of the sidewalks. Each one of these machines has different types of ground coffee. The also have a plot of land where they cultivate coffee, blackberries, and figs. They also have programs for the conservation and dispersion of seeds.

Sports committee: a leader is needed to animate and motivate more the sport.

Community Action Board: Was founded on September 17, 1965 and there are currently 50 members including Graciana Florez the president. Organizations of then and now.

The Women's Association: Founded in 1997 with approximately 25 people, currently there are 5 women, make arepas and market it in Medellin, generate 2 jobs.

ASOHORIZONTES: It was created in 2008, is the association for irrigation, had 46 members, have presented difficulties due to lack of commitment by government agencies and community leadership.

A PUEBLO BIEN PINTAO: a group created by Adrian Vahos and Eunice Marin in May 2006 to change the physical image of the village, painting the facades of the houses with bright colors and beautifying their surroundings with gardens. It seeks to generate a culture of order and entrepreneurship that transcended in the minds of the inhabitants, so far the objective is maintained and endures with great recognition.

YOUNG HORIZON: created by Adrian Vahos, to generate in young people a sense of belonging, leadership and motivation to undertake productive actions. With 6 administrative volunteers and other support, have managed to transcend the image of the town, through cycling, which have led to more than 35 municipalities of Antioquia, have had TV notes in Teleantioquia and achievements such as the Distinction Corantioquia Life.

ACTIVE HORIZONS: It was created to lead the social activities and festivities of the town, generating entrepreneurship actively participating in this Leandro Osorio, Ovidio Alvarez among others.

SOCIAL NETWORKS: With the growing use of technology, Facebook groups were created, such as horiztes.sopetran, which has remained in force, and allows the updating, promotion and conservation of the roots and sense of belonging of the town; created and currently led by Adrian Vahos. There is a Young Horizon Blog, regularly updated and fermenting tourism and rooting by the people.

HORIZONS TOURIST INNS: It is a tourist product led by Adrian Vahos and his sister Laura Vahos, to ensure the positioning of Horizons as a tourist destination, is developed through inns which began a process of training in culinary, rural accommodation by the Seine, then has been developed through some families and the main house that is the Sebatyana Inn, which is the visible face of this project, but shares accommodation with others such as Mira Marin, Marta Castrillon, Libia Correa, Nubia Uribe among others. The tourist positioning has been notorious for the increase of national and foreign visitors during 2018 and 2019.

Monograph Credits: Roberto Marlin / Gladimira Vahos / Adrian Vahos.

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